Carina Plaza

Carina Plaza

Address: Front of East-West Boulevard (strategic route of Ho Chi Minh City)

Commencement date: 0

Details about the project

Carina Plaza is a unique apartment project, located right in front of East-West Highway (strategic route of Ho Chi Minh City).
Carina Plaza consists of 736 apartments, which is part of a total of more than 4,000 modern apartments of adjacent large apartment projects, located right in front of East-West Boulevard such as City Gate Towers, Diamond Riverside.
It takes you only 7 minutes to go to Cholon Center, or 15 minutes to District 1 Center very easily and quickly along East-West Boulevard.

With more than 7000 m2 of business center, optimal public utilities, utilities necessary for life and useful recreational activities are available at Carina Plaza apartment. Commercial center with modern supermarkets, entertainment and relaxation with coffee bar, restaurant, swimming pool, spa, … Garden landscaping around the project with items of tennis courts, central square and play area children, density of trees, water fountain, … Carina Plaza residents will enjoy the most perfect utilities for life.