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Activities of domestic tourism

Activities of domestic tourism

Traveling is a way to relax, relieve stress most effectively for workers. Not only meeting entertainment needs, organizing tourism for officials and workers also brings many benefits. Therefore, the Company cooperates with the local Trade Union to organize travel activities for the company’s employees.

This is one of the “golden” policies applied by the Company in cooperation with the Trade Union organization to motivate employees after stressful working days.
The organization of annual summer tourism for officials and employees is one of the annual activities of North Central South Housing Development Joint Stock Company, to bring joy, moments of rest and relaxation after the stressful working day, responding to the efforts and efforts of all employees in the past year as well as an opportunity to interact, understand each other and increase enthusiasm, peace of mind, increase morale solidarity, cohesion among members.


For employees, the year-round trip is always expected, eager, after months of hard work. According to officials and employees in the company only have the opportunity to meet a few hours through meetings and conferences at the organizer, so colleagues do not have time to talk and exchange. Therefore, picnic trips, travel is an opportunity for the staff members and relatives in the company to exchange, stick, increase solidarity. Through each trip, employees are more enthusiastic with the work, reassuring labor, production, trust the leadership of the company more.








































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